Don’t worry, I have not abandoned the blog now that Brynn is here! There is just this little thing called “time” that gets in the way! However, one of the recurring things I hear back about the blog is that “reading your posts made me cry”! While that is not the intention of the blog, it does give me some indication that the emotion that inspired the posts came through in the words. So I don’t set out to move people to tears, it’s just my interpretation of the things that go on as we walk this journey! There is a Dave Matthews song that says “The space between the tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more”. Isn’t that so true? Where do we go from here? What will I post now that the baby is here? Will I run out of material? No way! Just the opposite, I am sure I will have more things to post than there is time in the day. You see, I have 3 subjects to follow and use as analogies. I also have the insiders perspective into being outnumbered! Not only outnumbered by children (3 to 2), but by girls! So there maybe times when I post something that brings you to tears. But don’t worry, it’s the space between those posts that will be filled with the laughter that (hopefully) keeps you coming back for more!