To quote the great philosopher Hootie and the Blowfish…”Time, why you punish me?”. Ah, the honeymoon is officially over and sleep is at a premium right now. If it was survivor, I would be begging the tribe to vote me off so I could get some sleep! Okay, so that is extreme, but sleep is a hot commodity in our home right now. It seems the new addition has her days and nights mixed up.

I am often asked, “where do you find the time to do a blog/web site”. My answer is always that I don’t sleep much. It’s funny how different 2 in the morning looks when you are awake with a baby that doesn’t want to sleep. There is some high quality television on at that hour though. Just this week I ordered a vacuum cleaner that runs by itself, the clapper, those pads that help you move furniture and I have enrolled in Carlton Sheets “No Money Down” Real Estate program (not really).

All kidding aside, those that have had little ones can remember this time well. If you don’t just come on over to the house and I will gladly let you get a refresher while we catch a quick nap! (disclaimer – this is written very much tongue and cheek!) Hopefully this brings a smile to your face. That is how it’s intended. Mom always said that “this to shall pass”. We have the “rest” of our lives to sleep right?