“I can’t go with you and stay where I am, so you move me”. So go the words to a Garth Brooks song that was probably never intended to be used in relation to the Christian walk. Within 48 hours this week, I received 2 emails, from 2 different people, proving how quickly life can move, change and be altered. On Friday, I received an email from a dear friend that stated his company has offered to move his family to Japan for 18 months. There was a catch. He had to let them know in less than 24 hours! Think about that for a minute, what do you think you would do? Then came the second email, stating that someone I graduated from college with, but didn’t really know had suffered a severe heart attack and stroke. He was just getting ready to open a private practice the next week (which had been his dream). How are these 2 related? As I reflected on both stories, there was a common thread in both. Both men are men of great faith. One was looking to the Lord and asking “what do you want me to do”? He and his family were trying to discern if the Lord wanted him to step out of the boat like Peter and be stretched in every way. The other man was just getting ready to embark on a new adventure when his plans were immediately changed. The first man accepted the move to Japan and is leaving in a few months. He took the opportunity that life has afforded, because tomorrow holds no guarantees. That was my conclusion as I reflected on the 2 emails. As Tim McGraw sings, “tomorrow is a gift and we’ve got eternity to think about what’d you do with it”. Here’s hoping that we all live today, looking for where the Lord can stretch us and move us because tomorrow may be different than we had planned.

(As a follow up, please pray for both families. The one thing they both have in common is that their faith was not shaken in either instance. Rather, it was made stronger!)