I know I just referenced “City Slickers” a couple of posts ago, but for some reason this was the thing that kept running through my head today. Again, we visit our 3 heroes on the trail and one of them asks the question “What was your best and worst day”? Billy Crystal goes on to tell a great story about going to his first Yankee game with his dad, keeping score and “Mickey hit one out”. The other 2 say “wow….great day”. So throughout the day today I kept trying to come up with my “best day”. After thinking and not being able to narrow it down to just one, I asked Heather what hers was. Funny thing was that hers was the exact same as mine. What was your “Best Day”? In case you were wondering some of ours were the day we got married and when all 3 kids were born. I had a runner up but it didn’t really qualify with the others. In 1995 I won a radio contest and got to throw out the first pitch on opening day at Jacobs Field. A guy landed on the field with a parachute, handed me the ball, I turned and threw it in the general direction of home plate. Slider called it a strike, so I guess it must have been in the “K-Zone”. Heather missed a tournament to be there and the Tribe went on to go to the World Series that year! Great day…not the my “Best Day”, but it was a great day. So there’s your topic….talk amongst yourselves….