How do you sum up what you can say to your wife and mother of your children on Mother’s day? Taking a week off to be Mr. Mom makes anyone appreciate the full-time job that mom’s put in each week. So in honor of Mother’s day, I thought I would use the words of Mark Wills in his song “That’s a woman”. He says it better than I could ever try to. Happy Mother’s day and thanks for “making a king out of a common man.”

“That’s a Woman” by Mark Wills

Up and running at the crack of dawn. There ain’t always time to get her make up on. But she’s more beautiful without it on. Oh yeah, that’s a woman.

She’s got a grace that I don’t understand. She can move mountains with those tender hands. She makes a king out of a common man. Yeah, that’s me, lucky me.

In the evening when the kids are down. And I can see she’s getting sleepy now. Still she finds some time for me somehow. Oh, now, that’s a woman…