“I Didn’t Feel You There”

I am so thankful for my children. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have any material to use for this blog. Tonight’s entry comes straight from something that my 4 year old said this evening. To understand the context, I should first explain that he is not a fan of going to bed by himself. He likes to have his stories, his prayers and then someone to lay beside him for “5 minutes”. It so happened that last night, I couldn’t do the 5 minutes because I had to tend to the crying baby downstairs. Our agreement was that as soon as I could make it back up to his room, I would lay with him for 5 minutes. Long story short, when I did finally make it up there, he was fast asleep. When I told him that I came back up last night, he simply said “I didn’t feel you there”.

It got me to thinking how much that is like my Christian walk. So often I find myself searching and hoping that God will be there when I need him. Life moves on and I don’t take the time to realize His grace, His patience and His protection. I just say “Lord, I didn’t feel you there”. The truth is that He was there the whole time. Watching, protecting, leading, guiding and carrying me when I didn’t know it. The 23rd Psalm outlines clearly what that is all about. So the next time you feel alone, afraid, confused, or concerned. Remember the words of my 4 year old and know that though you may not “feel God there, it’s when you don’t see Him that he is closer than you know.

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