Forgive me for quoting, of all things, the Carpenters, but “Rainy Days and Monday’s always get me down”. Truth is I am under a lot of pressure here. This blog has some sort of cult following (and for that I thank you) and I have writers block! Since today is a Monday and, well, it’ supposed to rain, the title seemed appropriate. Most musical artists release a “Greatest Hits” CD when the well and bank account run dry, so I guess I could always pull out some of my favorite “hits” (get it…hits…as in web hits…) and re-post some old blog entries. However, I think I will just wait this out and see what tomorrow brings. The phrase “be careful what you wish for” is SCREAMING at me right now! Check back tomorrow as I will try to post something that is of value. If nothing else, I will post something that will burn a few minutes out of your already busy day! Until then….