I can remember a time back in early 2000 B.K. (before kids) when I would attend children’s programs at church. I always enjoyed watching the little people as they would sing, shout and dance around. The funny part to me was these parents that were acting even funnier than their children. They would throw elbows as they rushed the aisle trying to get the best position for pictures and video. It was always funny to watch them react when their child came out on stage. It was almost like watching the old black and white footage of when the Beatles arrived on American soil. Well wouldn’t you know that the other night I became one of THOSE parents! Something as simple as a pre-school program and you would have thought I had a backstage pass at the County Music Awards. It was so exciting to see my son on that stage. For me, the real excitement had only begun. In order to keep the baby happy, I was in the back corner of the auditorium doing the “bob and weave”. The baby was content, but I didn’t think my little guy could see me back there. Then, out of the blue came “the wave”. Heather was able to capture the moment on camera without even realizing it (click on the picture to enlarge). It was a connection and a moment I will never forget. In that instance, without words, I was able to wave and let him now I could see him and I was proud of him. He was letting me know he could see me and he was glad I was there. Those are the little things that make everything else seem small. A friend once said that, when it comes to children, “nothing in this world will cost you less and return more”. That wave will go down as one of the greater returns on a very minor investment.