Twas the Night before our Anniversary and all through the house
The children were all sleeping and so was my spouse
The family pictures all sat on the mantle with care
With hopes that no dust would soon settle there

It was a late hour and I was not in my bed
As visions of Blog posts danced in my head
Mom in her PJ’s and I in my Carolina Cap
Was thinking all day, how I could sure use a nap

When from the bathroom upstairs arose such a clatter
Then I realized it was just one of the kids, emptying his bladder.
He went back to bed and no one else awoke,
I was off to the kitchen for a cold Diet Coke

Then I thought “to the cupboard is where I must go”
For 2 Tylenol to relieve my back ache you know
When what to my sleepy eyes should appear
The reminder that our anniversary is near

The memories have come and gone so quick
Where does the time go? It must be some trick
It seems like just yesterday we played the “dating game”
Now we have 3 children that share our name.

Now Austin, now Emma
Now Brynn you count too
From marriage to parenting
The things we’ll go through
From the house to the park
Both diapers big and small
We are raising 3 kids together
And hanging their pictures on our wall

The girl of my dreams, better than everyone else
How did I get so lucky, I thought to myself.
With a wink of her eye and a twist of her head
The past was gone and our future lies ahead

The past 8 years we have learned so much
Who knew that we’d be married with children and such
But we made it this far, with all of our might
So Happy anniversary my wife, and to all a good night!