There has become a new disturbing trend in recreational softball. It seems the new thing is that when a homerun is hit over the fence, you no longer have to run the bases. You just have to run to first base, step on it and head back to the bench for high fives. Well I am here today to put a stop to it! I am going to start a petition, to get the homerun trot re-instated into the game! Especially for those of us that hit an occasional one or two per career. How can you hit a homerun and not round the bases? It’s like breaking a tackle, getting to the 5 yard line and stopping. It’s like parking in the pits when you are leading the Indy 500. It’s like Tiger Woods quitting on the 17th hole. Doesn’t the phrase “rounding third and headed home” mean something? Now it’s “rounding first and heading back to the dugout”. Are we in that big of a hurry that “recreational guy” can’t enjoy the minute or so that it takes to try out that homerun trot he has been perfecting in his mind? While we are at it, why not get some fireworks and a curtain call. We would even settle for sparklers and a wave to the wives and children in the stands. Who cares if I was 0 for 4 going into that at bat, it was wind aided and the bat could hit a nerf ball 500 feet. The point is that my 15 minutes of fame are still on the clock and time is running out! Otherwise, all of the softball players out there are going to have to start doing a “Barry Bonds” pose, followed by a “Sammy Sosa Hop” out of the box. At least that way we can get something out of this accomplishment! So the softball powers that be must get together and decide on something soon. Otherwise, we will have to put an asterick on all of those scorecards out there and go back to hitting pop ups to the pitcher. Signed…a concerned softball guy….