A business trip has once again brought me to our corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. As I made the long journey last night, I was reminded that 13 years ago, I made this same journey to interview for my very first job out of college. I was scared to death as all of this “knowledge” I had gained over the past 4 years would be put to test in one short interview. Would I pass the test? Would I land the job that would be my final exam? The good news is that although the interview was very difficult, I did land that position. As I drove last night, I listened to a CD by an artist named Collin Raye (in between innings of the All-star game don’t you know). Almost right on time, there was a song called “A Bible and a Bus Ticket Home”. I have always related that song to my trip to Indiana, and starting my career away from home. The song tells the story of a young man leaving home. As he goes through his bags, he finds a note his mother left him with a Bible and a bus ticket back to his hometown. The note simply read “One will get you where you’re going, when you haven’t got a prayer and one will bring you back son, if your dreams ain’t waiting there. You’re out on your own now, we won’t be there to fall back on, but you know your never farther than a Bible and a bus ticket home”. As I listened to those words I was reminded of my parents standing in that airport and waving goodbye as I boarded that plane. Although there was no bible and a bus ticket home, there didn’t have to be. It was understood that no matter what happened on that interview, I was always welcomed back home. The Bible and the Lord will always be my guide no matter where this life and it’s roads may take me. I will never be farther than a Bible and a bus ticket home.