In just one short week, friends and family will gather together to witness the unity of my sister-in-law Bethany and my friend Joel. I have had the privilege of preparing the slide show for their wedding. I also have the privilege of standing with them as they recite the vows that will make them husband and wife. As with all weddings, it has become a time of reflection of my own wedding day and the events that led up to it. As I listened to song after song, searching to find the right one, I found a song called “For My Wedding” by Don Henley. In the first verse, he sings

“For my wedding, I will dress in black. Never again, will I look back. All my dark angels, we must part. For I have made a sanctuary of my heart. To want what I have, to take what I’m given with grace. For this I pray, on my wedding day.

Those words were such a reminder to me of exactly what happened on my wedding day. On that day, we closed two books that were our lives as individuals and began one new story that would be about our unity together. Two people writing their story together and yet learning the story for the first time as it was written. In the second verse he sings “I want a moment of silence and a moment of prayer for the love we’ll need to make it in the world out there”. Isn’t that the best gift we could give a new couple starting their lives together? Is there anything stronger than a prayer that they will learn early on to lean on one another and trust the Lord to guide them? To want what they have and to take what their given with grace. So as you go through the week ahead, take a moment to pray for this couple. On Saturday, August 6th, remember that a new story will be written about what they have and what they have been given with grace….on their wedding day.