After a long couple of weeks and some extensive travel, I was ready for a little “R and R” tonight. My son and I cruised on over to the local outdoor fun park for an overpriced “boys night out”. After conquering the “kiddie track” we were headed to the fast track. We gave them our tickets and strapped ourselves into the number 3, yellow, “M&M’s” car. I must admit, that thing handles like it’s on rails! Having our fill of the need for speed, we slowed things down by tackling a quick 18 holes of “putt putt”. Since the boy is only 4 and had never picked up a putter in his life, we spent the front 9 learning the basics of navigating the mounds, rocks and angles. I am okay with admitting that he actually beat me on a couple of the holes….really…I am okay with it….

Then came the moment that I will not soon forget. Feeling a bit of that ol’ competitive spirit kicking in, I threw down the gauntlet by stating “son, if you get a hole in one, I will buy you ice cream”. Have I learned nothing the past 4 years about children and God’s sense of humor? You would think I would know better than to issue such a challenge when it involves a child and ice cream. The bet was looking safe for the next few holes, but as we rounded “Amen Corner” on 17…it happened. He tee’d up his ball, took a John Daly size swing, rocketed the ball off the clowns nose, through the windmill, down the water falls and across the raging stream, into the bottom of the cup! HOLE IN ONE! Could not believe it. I was more excited than he was! He just looked at me as if to say “what….that surprises you?”

Truth be told, it was more of a shot down a simple putting green, down a hill and in the hole, but each time I tell the story it will get more complex and incredible. So Tiger Woods, get all of your glory now. In 14 years, there will be a new golfer on the scene that will be walking away with the over sized checks. If you don’t believe me, just challenge him to ice cream!