Q: Daddy, what are you watching?
A: Son, it’s a TV program about a very sad thing that happened this week.

Q: Why is it sad?
A: Well, it’s sad because all of those people are trying to find new places to live and sleep.

Q: What happened to their houses?
A: They were ruined by a really bad storm.

Q: Like the one’s that scare me with thunder and lighting
A: Yes, kinda like those.

Q: Those people look mad…how come their mad?
A: They think no one is helping them.

Q: What about those army guys? They look like they are helping.
A: Yes, you’re right. They are helping. The people are just mad right now.

Q: What are they so mad about?
A: Remember when we went to the beach and built that sand castle?

Q: Yeah! That was so cool. What about it?
A: Yes it was cool. Do you remember what happened to that castle?

Q: Oh yeah…Didn’t the water take it away?
A: Yeah. That made us mad too.

Q: Why does that happen to sand castles Daddy?
A: I don’t know Son, I don’t know….

Q: Well why are you talking about the beach then?
A: Because this thing on tv is a lot like that castle we made…just a lot bigger sandbox.

Q: What are they going to do now?
A: Remember what we did?

Q: Oh yeah..we built that great big fort! Why did we do that?
A: Because it’s the only way we know how to do things. When they get broken we rebuild them.

Q: What’s re-build mean?
A: It means we start over, make it better, stronger and new.

Q: Who were those people that helped us?
A: I don’t know, but I was glad they brought their shovels and buckets.

Q: Why did they do that?
A: I think they knew we were sad so they wanted to help.

Q: Why would they help someone they don’t know?
A: Because that’s what we do. We help people that are sad and in need.

Q: Can we help those people on TV?
A: Well, when we say our prayers tonight, let’s pray for those people. We can pray that they won’t be sad. We can pray that they won’t be mad anymore. We can pray for those army guys. And let’s not forget to pray for that great big sandbox.

Q: Will all of those people be happy then Daddy?
A: I don’t know Son…..I don’t know.