It seemed like a good idea at the time. For several weeks now, some of the boys and I have been planning a belated bachelor party for one Mr. Joel Nussbaum. Now before you get any ideas, it was nothing wild and crazy. Just a day set aside for a couple of games of paintball. Before we go any further, I must explain that my last experience with paint ball ended with a quarter sized welt just above my eyes and in the middle of my forehead. While it hurt and looked a bit silly, I have gotten a ton of mileage out of the story behind the events that led to that battle wound.

The day started off pretty well. A couple of good games and then, in some crazy paintball irony, it happened again. While hunkered down behind a bunker with shrapnel flying all over, I received another glancing blow to the Cabeza (Spanish for head)! I had learned from my previous service time that it was wise to wear a hat when you don’t have any hair to protect the skin and hide the welts. I clearly makes no difference, hat or not. Getting drilled with a paintball from any distance in the head…well….hurts! The best part of the day came at the end after all of the equipment had been returned and we were comparing welts. There was a lot of “yeah, but check out this one” going on. I am sure the crew from the paintball facility enjoys watching this from every group of weekend warriors that come through their gates.

When I got home and opened email, my daily scripture email gave me a reason to smile. “Get rid of all malicious behavior and deceit.” (1 Peter: 2:1) So I guess that would explain grown men, rolling around in the dirt after being hit by a paintball. We were just getting rid of our malicous behavior and deceit. Either way, it was a great time with friends and at least I have another story to tell about taking one for the team.