One of my favorite songs of all time is a song called “My Own Prison” by the group Creed. The song, though dark and cryptic, is written around the judgment of one man’s sins. It really makes you think as you hear the haunting words of his final judgment. Sometimes, it hits all to close to home. That being said, I have a small hang up with the words of the song. The last verse states “I cry out to God seeking only His decision, Garbreal stands to confirm I created my own prison”.

While there will come a day that we will all face judgment for the life that we have lived, each of us are afforded the opportunity long before that time to make a choice. Because of Gods grace, we are offered forgiveness for our sins. We don’t have to carry those burdens with us until one final day of judgment. It is certainly not a pass to go through life carelessly, not worried about the consequence for our actions. It is however a peace and a resting place when we feel like we have failed in our walk.

Making mistakes and creating my own prison presents a stirring visual for the life that I live. If I choose, I can spend the rest of my days looking at the walls that I have created and the bars that will not allow me to leave. The good news is that there is a Savior that holds the key to my prison. It is up to me to cry out for His forgiveness, accept His grace and leave the prison to return no more.