Thanks to guys like Andre Agassi, Bruce Willis and good ol’ Mr. Clean himself, I don’t have to be a member of “The Hair Club for Men”. As I was shaving my head yesterday morning, I was reminded how very cool it is to be bald. I got to thinking about the old days and some of the hairstyles that came and went.

Back in the 80’s there were some great styles. It all started with the “Bowl Cut”. Then came “The Tail”, which eventually evolved into “The Mullet”. Thanks to bands like Duran Duran and Howard Jones, “The Mullet” probably lasted longer than I would like to admit. One variation of the Mullet came with “The Boz”. If you don’t remember that one, it was named after the college football phenom “Brian Bozworth”. It was basically a “Mullet” with lines on the side. How was that ever cool?

The college years evolved into the flat top for speed and the opportunity to lengthen the time to sleep before going to class. Since the college years were the 90’s, I have to admit that the front of the flat top eventually grew higher and higher in an attempt to grow the “fade” or (gulp) “Vanilla Ice”. This included the lines in the eyebrow. Good therapy has helped me to admit that. Graduation and a position in the real world forced me to start the “part”, with a brief trial of the “ledge”. Since the MPB (male pattern baldness) fairy came to call on me early, the clippers became my best friend.

As the years went by, the cut got closer and closer until it eventually became the straight razor. All of this leads to the benefits that you may not realize. One thing is for sure, the phrases “Bus Hair” and “Hat head” are foreign to me. I also cannot remember the last time I paid for a haircut. So bald men of the world, unite! We are a rare breed! Embrace your uniqueness and keep it covered on sunny days!

To quote the great George Costanza. “This was once a great society of hair”.