The day that I had been wishing would never come arrived this week. A visit to my friendly neighborhood chiropractor to review some x-rays confirmed what I probably already knew. Nothing more than some degenerative disc damage. In one brief statement, my basketball and softball playing days more than likely came to a screeching halt. The moment begged the question, so I gripped my seat and asked it….”So Doc, what about sports?” Then came the most profound and amazing medical response I have ever heard….

He said “Well if it hurts….don’t do it”. Amazing. Astounding. Years and years of medical school produced that highly technical and board certified response. “Well if it hurts…don’t do it”. My thought at that moment was “Doc, that isn’t going to sound very exciting at the retirement speech”. I can just see it now, 150 microphones, thousands of press credentials gathered, flash bulbs popping as I announce my retirement from pick-up basketball and recreational softball. With tears in my eyes, I look up and say “my doctor says that…if it hurts, I can’t do it”. Gasps and tears of sorrow fill the room. The headlines read “It Hurts….He Can’t Do It”!

All kidding aside, you never wish this day would come. The day when you realize that you are, in fact, not invincible and actually aging. When it’s finally time to pay the price for years of abuse to the lower back. The day that you finally have to admit defeat and start “low impact” sports. Ugh. Just typing those words puts me to sleep. Look out shoppers, there’s a new mall walker in town! The number 8 jersey just won’t have the same effect as I slowly cruise passed “JC Penney’s” with my eyes on the prize of the fountain just outside “Sears”.

No….I’m not bitter….