Early last week, I was given instructions from my wife that I was to be done with work no later than 2:00 on Friday. You all know how I hate surprises, so I quickly checked all of the local venues for concerts and sporting events. My searches came up empty. Next, I sent my 5 year old on a reconnaissance mission. He came back with 2 words “nice try”. I was getting desperate. At 1:00 on Friday, I was greeted with a packed gym bag and a set of directions to a lodge a couple of hours away. I was being given the gift of a retreat with one of my best friends for a few days. Our instructions were simple, enjoy yourselves! 

It seems that our wives had seen that we both work in the hostile and often draining world of business. We had both been going 90 miles per hour for the past several months and were in serious need of a “rest stop”. Our coaches recognized that the play clock is reading the forth quarter and we needed a time out. We needed a chance to regroup, recharge and release the burdens that we had been carrying for several months. We needed time with a brother to be broken, real and honest. I time to encourage and support eachother in this race of life. It was one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for.


What I find so funny is that we were home by 12:00 on Saturday. We weren’t even gone for 24 hours! Without even discussing it on Saturday morning, we packed our bags, loaded the car and headed home. Why? The time to reflect proved to both of us that the thing we needed more than anything else was to be with the ones we love. Our conversations started off with work and ended with our families. We were homesick and realized that while the retreat was great, coming home was even better. So thank you to my wife for knowing me better than I know myself. For seeing the need and being the one to provide an answer. Thank you to my friend Mark for his friendship, his confidence and his heart for God. Let’s do this again sometime….but next time we will take the families too!