Riddle me this…What do you get when you cross a treadmill, an MP3 player and about 30 minutes of walking every morning? The answer my friends is inspiration. That is what this blog is becoming. It’s the thoughts that go through my head as I listen to various songs I have in my download (all legal I assure you) collection. This morning’s post comes from a song written years ago by an artist named Wayne Watson. The song was called “Watercolour Ponies”. 

“There are watercolour ponies on my refrigerator door, in the shape of something I don’t really recognize. Brushed with careful little fingers and put proudly on display. A reminder to us all of how time flies”. The words cut right to the heart strings. Our treadmill is located in the basement, not far from the kid’s playroom. The walls are decorated with the artwork of our children. Each one a little better than the one they made before. Each one showing that they are getting older faster than we can imagine.

“The pleasure of watching the children growing is mixed with the bitter cup of knowing that the watercolored ponies are going to one day ride away” Ouch. I mean it’s a good thing I was on a moving object, or I might have fallen over when I thought about my 3 little ponies one day “riding away”. Ask any “empty nester” and I am sure they will tell you that the time went too fast. They grow up so quickly. It was a reminder to me that there are small victories that need to be noticed, artwork that needs praised, hearts that need to be shaped and futures that need purpose. If I blink I will miss it. It’s so easy to get caught up in my own goals and dreams that I miss the opportunity to mold and shape those of my children. Lord, don’t let me miss the watercolored ponies before they ride away……