Since I was given the gift a retreat last weekend, it was only fair that my wife attend the Women’s retreat sponsored by our church this weekend. I will admit that the thought of being “Mr. Mom” for 2 days was a bit scary now that there are 3 little people in our home. I kept waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with visions of being tied up; duck taped or locked in a room when my wife returned home. I am happy to report that none of the above happened and the weekend went by without a hitch. Actually, as much as I enjoyed my retreat last weekend, I think I might have enjoyed this weekend even more.

“Everything I have in this world and all that I’ll ever be. It could all fall down around me, just as long as I have you right here by me”


My time together with the 3 little ones was great. Being that my maturity level is roughly the same as theirs, you can imagine the things we accomplished the past 24 hours! I am sure that my wife will need to “un-train” at least one or two of the things that I did, but I bet she knew that before she left them in my care. At least I hope so. In all seriousness, it was wonderful to just connect with each of them in different ways. As always, we had some tunes on in the background and wouldn’t you know that I heard the song “Here By Me” by 3 Doors Down several times. Maybe it was by design.

As the 2 older ones played in the pile of leaves I created, I held the baby and heard the following words, “Everything I have in this world and all that I’ll ever be. It could all fall down around me. Just as long as I have you, right here by me.” I kept hearing those words in my head as we spent the rest of the afternoon playing together. It was made complete when mom arrived home and I once again had everything I needed, “right here by me”