We have all seen it…Chevy Chase has just finished putting every possible Christmas light on his house, the family gathered in the front yard, he plugs it in for the big moment and…and…nothing. He spends a better portion of the movie trying to get his lights to work. Only to find out that the little switch in the garage wasn’t turned on..

So there I was…rain coming down, wind blowing like crazy and lights everywhere. Lights on the bushes, lighted wreaths on each side of the door, all very tastefully done. Extension cords – check, wind proofed – check, snow proof – check – Power – Power – POWER!?!?!?! Are you kidding me…Why are they not coming on??

Somewhere the original builder of our home is cracking up right now. We have one of those homes that has hundreds of light switches that don’t seem to operate anything in particular. For some crazy reason, the outside outlets that worked all summer to power the weed eater and the vacuum we used for the car are not working. Neither is the one in the garage, or the one in the hallway. Picture this…one of those nasty, ugly, industrial extension cords running all over the front yard and down the front hallway. Now THAT will look nice when we entertain this holiday season. “Thanks for coming over and watch your step”.

I have tried every breaker, switch and extention cord I can find. Nothing works. Especially not the lights! So if anyone has some suggestions, or a large generator, I am open to hear them. Otherwise, our shot at winning the neighborhood light competition is shot. I guess there is always Easter….