So did you see it last week? It appears that “The Family Man” has become a holiday tradition now on television. As well it should be. In my opinion, it’s the new “Wonderful Life” (I am sure some would debate that). We missed the beginning of it, but not to worry….we have it on DVD. So we watched the commercial free version and it STILL ended the same way.

Truth be told, while I watched it I was attempting to create a blog post on my laptop. As you can see, it never made it to the web. I just couldn’t put into words what I wanted to say. Tonight I was catching up on some friends blogs and a post by the Ohio Cushings (HERE) caught my eye. After reading it, I’m thankful that I didn’t create that post. Dennis was kind enough to give us his “glimpse”. I enjoyed reading another fathers story and how what could have been is never as good as what is. I would guess that we could all share at least one or two stories of what a “Glimpse” would show us as well.

Bottom line, “The Family Man” is a MUST see. The lessons and thought provoking questions in the movie will leave you thinking circles around two simple words “What If”. I will leave it at that. If you have not seen it…SEE IT! If you have seen it….SEE IT AGAIN. It’s that good. I welcome the comments from those that have seen it. Thanks Cushings for putting together what I could not!