img_1664.jpgCall off the search party, return the generators, reassure the children, tell everyone at the North Pole…The Great Christmas Light Display Mystery has been solved. Thanks in part to the comment from faithful blog reader and the man who saved Christmas this year, Mark Calahan. As you can see from the photo, the source of my frustration all week turned out to be that little red button on the outlet to the left.

Now before you all go thinking I am a COMPLETE idiot….let me just give you some insight into WHERE this little white box from you-know-where was hiding. For 5 days now I have checked every light switch, fuse box and extension cord for faulty electricity. Then Mark’s comment got me to searching again. Problem is, there was no little button on any of the exterior outlets. Would you believe that in the 3000 plus square feet of our home, the outlet that controls the outside was hiding in the downstairs BATHROOM?!

During a recent “visit”, I happened to glance over and see that this particular outlet had a little red button that appeared to be popped out. Call it desperation, but I pushed it in, grabbed an extension cord and went outside. Sure enough, that was the issue! I was like Scrooge at the end of “A Christmas Carol”. I was running up and down the streets yelling “Merry Christmas…Merry Christmas”. Okay, maybe not, but it was pretty exciting to get the house illuminated again. So yes, Virginia..the outlets outside DO work! Merry Christmas to all….and to all….we have lights!