I don’t know if you are like me, but I have a bookshelf full of books that have the first 4 chapters or so worn out from reading and re-reading. The rest of the book looks as if it just came out off of the bookstore shelf. Reason being, I never got around to finishing them. “No Wonder They Call Him The Savior” would be no exception. As noted in the sidebar, I recently committed myself to reading as many of Max Lucado’s works as I can, so I figured I would start with one that I already own.

Isn’t provision a funny thing? I mentioned it earlier, but as each new year approaches I take some time to sort out, catalog and file away the events of the year. I am not going to lie, the task this year has been tougher than any year in recent memory. There was a lot to file, a lot to sort out and a lot to bring closure to. The funny thing is that the book and my crazy closure system are eerily connected.

As I picked up the book and read through the chapters, I had to check the mirror to see if there was a large red mark from where it had been hitting square between the eyes. Chapter after chapter, word after word, it was almost a manual to coincide with my closing out this year. As I closed the book one night, I noticed the quick note written in pen on the first page. “To Aaron, Merry Christmas (2002). Love Mark and Ilze”. I had to smile and think that when I was given this gift by my dear friends, they had no idea how it would be used. Like most gifts, it was given with love and thought, but I would guess they never knew the impact it would have. Much less when this would take place.

So to Mark and Ilze, thank you. Your gift went hand in hand with some much needed healing and closure. You will never know how a small gift 3 years ago has aged well and become a jewel in my collection of prized gifts. To everyone else, never minimize the gifts you give. You never know what God has in store for that gift and the one that will receive it. No wonder they call Him the Savior…