Each Day we face battles. Finances, occupations, illness, marriages, parenthood, addictions, worries and failures. You name it, everyone faces them. The question is, what are the results of your battles? Are you winning? Are you fighting them alone? I bet you had help and you didn’t even know it.

Imagine for a minute if, during the Superbowl, everytime Bill Cower had his arms in the air, the Steelers would be winning the game. When he put them down, the Seahawks would start dominating. You can imagine he would get pretty tired. Can’t you see “The Bus” and Hines Ward holding his arms up until the game was over and the Steelers had won?

That is just what happened in one of my favorite stories in the Old Testament. In Exodus 17: 11-13. The Israelites are taking on the Amalekites. Moses is the one holding up the staff of God. Aaron and Hur are the ones supporting him. Without their help, Moses grew tired and the Israelites were being defeated. Through their support and holding his arms in the air, the battle was won!

Now, think about your “battle” today. Did you have support? Look really close, it’s there. Maybe you didn’t notice it. Mine came from my 2 year old saying “Good morning daddy”. Or my newborn lighting up when I walk in the room. There was my 5 year old announcing that he was signing up for baseball on Saturday, so “I can be just like you”. It came in an email from an old friend, just to see how I was doing. The phone call from my wife just to say “hello”. The customer that thanked me for the time I took to come and see him and handing me an order. Each of these were my “Aaron and Hur’s” today. Each lifting my arms a little higher.

Tomorrow will bring new battles. But I will go to bed tonight knowing that there will be more support, more lifting and at the end of the day my arms will be held high in victory.