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Knowing Your Audience

Ask any public speaker and one of the best things to know before presenting a speech is the audience you are speaking to. It’s important to know a little bit about the target audience before delivering your information. Based on the tracking that I do, I am able to tell locations (city and state) of the people that hit this blog on a daily basis. No, it’s not like wire tapping, it’s just a way of seeing where the people come from. Kinda cool actually.

With that in mind, I have a question….who are my visitors? I am trying to figure out who my target audience is. I know who probably half of the people are, but it would be nice to know who that other half is! I got an email from a friend the other night that said he reads it just about every day! I had no idea. So, if you wouldn’t mind, drop me an email or a comment and let me know a little about yourself. I already know where you are all from, just not how you got here or what brings you back! Thanks in advance!!


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  • ANon · February 6, 2006

    You’ll have to guess but Im a Steelers fan.

  • Aaron · February 6, 2006

    Okay ANon….I got ya. I would have counted you in the half that I know who they are. Although you show up on your companies server in Dallas, Texas! At least you are not a Cowboys fan!

  • Jim Hanf · February 6, 2006

    Ryan told me about your site and I really enjoy it. Keep Blessing others and God will take care of you.

  • Aaron · February 6, 2006

    Wow Mr. Hanf, I didn’t know you were a regular here! I guess this post was worth doing, just to know that! I am honored that you read and follow it. I will have to thank Ryan as well. Great hearing from you!

  • Mary Wooten · February 7, 2006


    I really do enjoy your site. I come here daily while the kids are napping!! May God bless you for being such a testimony to Him!!


  • Aaron · February 7, 2006

    Thanks Mary! It’s His message. I just happen to be the guy using the keyboard and blog software. Thanks for being a regular visitor and friend.

  • DnKnTnKDnCnC · February 13, 2006

    duh, u knew we visited…..

    keep on bloggin!

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