I recently received an email from a well wishing friend inviting me to play a cool on-line game. I clicked on the link and found myself staring at a game that featured colors and shapes. The friend, remembering my “condition” followed up with a quick email today that was simply titled “sorry”. You see, my friend remembered that I am what you would call colorblind. Maybe you have always wanted to know what it’s like to be colorblind. Well, let me give you a couple of quick insights.

1. Whoever created the game Candy Land was obviously not colorblind. There is no reason that my 3 year old should have to tell me what color the cards are, or move my game piece for me! I AM THE ADULT RIGHT! I can’t even tell if she is cheating or not!!

2. It’s a good thing that traffic lights are in order (red, yellow and green). If they ever decide to change the order….I am in big trouble. Put it this way, if a single flashing light is not accompanied by a stop sign I am rolling through it.

3. Any designer of men’s clothing or tennis shoes with the color purple in it is obviously a friend of the Candyland game inventor. Do you know how many times I thought I bought the coolest pair of blue Nikes……that were PURPLE!

4. Contrary to popular belief I can see more than just black and white. I am not a DOG. I just cannot differentiate between the shades. That has to be the number one question I get.

5. Whoever designed the concept of marriage was obviously colorblind. The phrases “Good morning”, and “how did you sleep” are usually followed by “Honey….does this match?”

It’s actually not all that bad. Most of the time I don’t think about it. It is the children laughing at me, the policeman writing the ticket, the girl at the checkout counter and the people laughing at my outfit that keep reminding me! I simply tell them that before they laugh…they should try walking a mile in my purple shoes!