Ask my closest friends and they will quickly tell you that I am not a fan of “The Little Mermaid”. Well okay, it’s not actually Ariel, Flounder, or Sebastian it’s what they represent. It’s one of those guilt by association things. It has been for years. So, you can imagine my “joy” when the first of my 2 little girls has fallen in love with her. I have found myself in quite a little pickle over this one. I am happy to announce that I have come to a conclusion.

While I was mopping the kitchen floor the other night (maybe this should be about Cinderella…..) I was reminded that I should be forever grateful to the Little Mermaid. You see if the girlfriend that loved “The Little Mermaid” had someday become my wife, who knows what would have happened? I might not have had one little girl, let alone two. I may not have had a son that I cherish and adore. I certainly wouldn’t have met my wife and partner for life. You can see how I was quickly changing my tune on one Little Mermaid.

While I am not quite ready to hum the tune to “Under the Sea”, I will not cringe each time I see Ariel anymore. Although I am still not sure about that Sebastian fella…..