A Little Dumber With Each Post

patrick.jpgWhile computers were designed to make us smarter and more efficient, I think I am actually regressing with each tap on the keyboard. You see, I recently left the creature comforts of Blogger.com, which included the safety net of a spell checker, for the “smarter” WordPress. While I love the capabilities of the software, posting has become a real adventure. Let me explain.

Without a spell checker, I am forced to copy the entire post into something like Word, Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo mail. The next step is to run the post through their spell check to find all of the any errors. After making the necessary corrections, its copied and pasted BACK into wordpress  for final print. Occasionally, I will get really crazy and go without the spell check. If I get stuck on a word (like challange for example), I simply “Google it” and wait for the results. If it’s wrong, my friends at Google will respond with a link that says “Did you mean challenge?”. What is sad is that I even know this….

If that’s not enough, when I go to my email, Mr. Gates and co. have made it even easier. While typing, the words that are misspelled will generally be changed for you (assuming to you have not totally butchered it). I guess I could always look it up, but where is the fun in THAT? I will close with the 6 words that I fear hearing the most. “Dad….how do you spell (insert word here)?

2 thoughts on “A Little Dumber With Each Post

  1. LOL! you found my trick. Often times i google-check words that i cant decide are spelled correctly. but i dont do it when i ppost to other people’s blogs. =)

  2. Brandon- Admitting it is the first step. At least I know I am not the only one that uses Google to further destroy brain cells! Thanks for your comints (ha-ha)

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