Amazing how these things happen. In the course of the past month or so, I have had three people recommend the book “Wild At Heart” by John Eldridge to me. Funny thing is that all three recommendations came in three totally different contexts. One of them came right here in the blog from someone that had stumbled across the site one night. Once again, I see the need to follow where God leads.

On Saturday I made my way to the local library to pick up a copy and see what the fuss was all about. In one of those “bright” moments, I came home and exclaimed “There are a TON of books at the library”! While I was trying to explain how impressed I was by the size of faith based books, it clearly missed the mark. ANYWAY, I picked up “Wild and Heart” and knocked out 40 pages tonight. Folks, it is “all of that and a bag of chips”! Before the week is over, I plan on purchasing a copy so I can highlight, make notes and double score points I am reading (the library HATES when you do that to their books).

While I am just getting started with this one, I already recommend it highly. If you have already read it, I would love to get your thoughts as well.