As noted in the sidebar and an earlier post, I am steamrolling my way through an incredible book by John Eldridge called “Wild at Heart”. I wrote down 3 quotes last night I thought I would post. There are hundreds, but these 3 really stuck out to me.

“The only thing more tragic than the tragedy that happens to us is the way that we handle it”.

“Forgiveness is setting a prisoner free and realizing that the prisoner was you.”

“Think of the posers (people that put up a false front) that you know. Are they the kind of men you would call at 2am, when life is collapsing around you?

These are just some of the challenging insights in a very hard hitting, soul searching, gut wrenching walk through who we are as men, as fathers and as husbands. I had no clue when I picked this one up of the can of worms it would open. It should come with a caution note. Not a bad thing, just be prepared if you start reading to take a look at some places that you didn’t even know existed. I recommend reading it with an accountability partner so you have someone to openly discuss the content with.

As a side note, thank you to Brandon, Mark and Denny for recommending this. I understand what you were saying now.