Chalk one up for the department of motor vehicles! A few months ago, I was informed that I was going to receive a company car. Let me start by saying that I count it a blessing in the age of $3 gasoline, to have someone else pick up the tab on my weekly travels. It was also pretty nice to drive off of the lot in a car with a whopping total of 5 miles on it!

I am probably a bit spoiled but the make and model are a brand I have never been real fond of. I will admit that it handles much better than I expected. All of this did not stop me from complaining to anyone that would listen prior to receiving said vehicle. I did my best to keep things in perspective, but complained none the less.

So Saturday I picked up my final plates at the dealership. Folks, I kid you not; the plates read DUH 83– (final 2 numbers omitted). DUH! DUH! Are you kidding me! I mean I always wanted personalized plates, but DUH was not on the short list I had in mind. Being that we watch way too much Sponge Bob at our house, we all immediately made reference to Patrick holding the “orb of confusion”. I guess you can say that I got punk’d by the DMV!

“A man finds joy in giving an apt reply- and how good is a timely word!” (Proverbs 15:23) NIV