One of my favorite parts of the New Testament is found in John 17. If you consider what is taking place at that moment, it really is amazing. Here is Jesus, just moments from being betrayed, praying for the disciples. Not only does he pray for them, he prays for you and I as well. This post relates to John 17:15.

“My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one”. (NIV)

Did you ever wonder why Sunday morning is usually the most chaotic morning of the week? How many arguments have you had just before driving on the parking lot at church? Ever wonder why the kids target Sunday to do everything you have trained them NOT to do? There is not one part of me that believes that this is a coincidence. The road blocks are strategically placed, the plot is thickened and like it or not, we are under attack.

As I have been preparing to launch into my new journey, I fully expected a full out assault. On Sunday evening, I heard it almost as if someone whispered it in my ear… “Be Ready”. The reality is that I just walked up to the playground bully and demanded my lunch money back. In a few short days, I am going to be joined by a whole group of men that want theirs back too. My guess is that we can expect and anticipate a full assault in return. That is why this verse stood out to me this week. We have all the protection we need.

Not only do we already have the protection, we also have the victory! We know the outcome. We know who wins and how the story ends. So, like it or not, I am going to make my part of this battle a little uncomfortable. When the attacks hit, I will acknowledge them as such, cover it in prayer and continue to fight for what I believe is true and real. In the words of William Wallace….”I am going to pick a fight”!

To those men that have decided to join me, thank you. Together, as a “band of brothers” we are stepping off into a wild ride. We will be victorious. We WILL get our “lunch money” back. In doing so, we will prove that it was ours in the first place. It’s what we were created for!