” …I know you’re lonely and I hope you’ll be alright. Cause me and the boys will be playing all night.” (”Beth” by KISS)

Oh we are wild and crazy aren’t we? We men, we sure know how to crank up the noise and have a good time! Give us a few hours and nothing to do and get out of the way. It’s a good thing I am typing this because it’s pretty hard to talk with your tongue in your cheek.

I had to laugh tonight as I reflected on some dialog I have shared with other men over the past week or so. The settings were all different, but the conversations were almost carbon copies. They all revolved around one thing. You got it…Kids! (Gotcha!)

Wow we have come along way since the days of spades, pizza and Mountain Dew haven’t we? The great thing is that there is not one thing that I can find wrong with what we have become. Get men together in a circle talking about their kids, shut off the lights and my guess is you will see a glow coming from their eyes. That’s where I want to be now. If not with my family, I would sure like to be someplace talking about them. There is something special about looking at the eyes of a once wild child now reserved and beaming when speaking of his sons and daughters.

So ladies, next time your husbands and I are out together, if we get back late, don’t be alarmed. You can bet that our conversations have never strayed far from home. Don’t tell them I told ya though. We can still pretend like we were being wild!