All of this talk of “Wild at Heart” and the concept of the battle to fight and adventure to live, brought back one of the more memorable events of my life. When I was in college (yes…I went to college), one of our chapel services featured a former NFL lineman. The most memorable part of the service came at the very end.

As this hulk of a man finished his testimony, he grabbed a microphone and sang a song called “The Warrior is a Child” by Twila Paris. There is nothing like seeing this huge “warrior” singing about dropping his sword and running home when he falls down. I will never forget it.

Now that I have children, the words to this song mean even more to me. When our children fall, they usually look for mom and dad right away. They need to know that they are going to be okay. The truth is that we are not that different. We go “runnin’ home when we fall down”. We all still feel that “deep inside this armor, the warrior is a child”

So the next time your little one’s fall down and come running home, remember that there is a Father in heaven that is there when you do too. He is one of the few that will accept you just the way you are under all of that battle gear. After all, he built you that way. He knows that the warrior is a child.