We sure live in some interesting times don’t we? I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed yesterday as I stood at the gas station and pumped $3 a gallon gas into the car. Shortly thereafter, I heard the am radio host tell stories of country after country with missiles pointed at each other. Just daring one another to start something. On a day that we celebrate our independence in this country, another country decides to send a message of provocation. At times you wonder just where this is all headed.

I ran across this clip this morning and couldn’t help but apply it to my thought process yesterday. Those of us with little children have probably each, at some point, uttered the words “because I am daddy” or “because I am mommy”. These phrases usually follow the question of “why” when directing our little ones to do something. It’s our way of saying “I know what is best for you, although you may not see it right now”. Sound a bit familiar? There is a heavenly father that whispers those same words when all seems lost, hopeless and out of control. God is God and I am not. Period. May we trust his wisdom and knowledge as this song says.

(Note: For more on the knowledge and wisdom of God, read Job 38 – 41)