3.jpg9 weeks ago, I blogged my excitement about the pending journey that I was going to share with a group of men from our church. The adventure began with a simple book called “Wild at Heart”. Through the conversation with my Pastor, mentor and friend, the decision was made to offer the series in the middle of the summer and “see what happens”.

Our vision since the beginning was to simply allow God to do what he would like in the lives of those involved. I sit here on the eve of our final meeting tomorrow and can’t help but think how God is faithful when we simply make room, allow and trust in His ability to provide. He has done all of that and more.

It has been said that the “leader learns more in a series than those that he is teaching”. I have personally witnessed this to be true. Although I had read “Wild at Heart” a few times prior to our launch, I have had the opportunity to live the journey with many other men. For some it was the first time they had read the book. For others, it was an opportunity to really READ the book and apply it to their lives. Over the last nine weeks I have found a band of brothers to share this thing called life with. For that, I am forever grateful.

As is often the case, I get some inspiration at the strangest times. While cutting the grass yesterday, thinking about the end of this journey together, I heard this song by “Phillips, Craig and Dean”. It’s called “Pray me Home”. I post a portion of it for my band of brothers. For everyone else, may you find people in your life to share the load and to “Pray You Home”.

From “Pray Me Home” by Phillips, Craig and Dean

If you see something in me, that cause you to question
If my faith is secure
I’m asking you please, show me compassion
Even though you’re unsure
Cause the greater the war that I’m going through
The greater my need
And I want nothing more than to know you’re willing
To join me on my knees

Pray me home, Pray me home
Oh my heart is so heavy and I just can’t go on
Pray me home, Pray me home
I need you to help me, don’t think I can make it alone
Pray me home

From the CD “Where Strength Begins”