napoleon.gifI thought I would take this opportunity to follow up on a story that I broke last week. As I stated in an earlier post, I found a plaque on vacation that said “Dance Like No One’s Watching”. I didn’t buy it, but decided to get one after returning home. After searching on the internet with no luck, my wife said “Why don’t you just call that store?”.

My thought was that I wouldn’t appear to be such a “web master” if I did that (sorta like stopping for directions), but I was getting desperate! I called. They said “we have it in black or white”. I said “give me both” thinking I would share one with a friend for his office.

UPS delivered the package and I ripped it open like a kid at Christmas. In all the excitement about which one looked best in the office, I neglected to really read either one of the plaques. I looked at one, then the other, then the original. Black, white, black, white, then settled on black. I leaned back in my office chair, put my feet on the desk and admired how truly brilliant I was. As I was soaking it all in, I thought I would read my new motto one more time. Much to my suprise I read “Take Life by The Hand and Dance”… Wait..what? Let me read that again…. surely I misread it. (I hadn’t misread it and stop calling me Shirley)!

They were right about having 2 colors. Problem is that they were two totally different plaques! One of them was correct (the white one of course). Long story short, I still gave the other one to my friend because this one will always have a story to go with it. He suggested that I could change the “L” in Life to a “W” (thanks Denny). I guess I could have returned it, but where is the fun in that! So, if you ever come to visit the house and step into my office, make sure to note my wrong new motto…”Take Life by The Hand and Dance”. Even when it’s the wrong song I guess…