man_at_beach.jpgOne thing I really try to do through this blog is provide my insights as a husband, father and follower of Christ. It is my hope that in each category, I am as quick to point out my failures as I am the successes. Especially when it comes to faith. The faith I believe in is not a “get out of jail free card”. It is also not hearts, stars and fuzzy bunnies. It would be my belief that as believers, we struggle just as others. Especially when our struggles are there to either bring God glory, or do to a sinful choice in our lives. We are even more aware of these things as we seek and serve to be more like Christ.

To keep in those ideals and the overall goal of this blog, I have to be fair and say that as a believer, tonight, I am not real happy. I believe that God allows us a time to share our displeasure in circumstances. David, Moses, Job, Peter, Paul, they all shared their displeasure a time or two. However, they never lost faith. Never forgot where their blessings came from. Never took their eyes off of the only one who could turn those circumstances into glory.

Tonight, I received an email about a friend that was told she has 6-8 weeks to live due to the cancer in her body. She is a wife and a mother and a believer in Christ. She has endured and battled this disease for the past few years. Her faith has been amazing and her attitude for life has been inspiring. This news is devastating. Tonight I am deeply frustrated and unsettled how this happens. Yet (and don’t miss this), I know that 6-8 weeks could mean nothing to the one that created this universe. He created this world in 6 days. Imagine what he can do in 6 weeks!

I guess I am trying to make two points tonight. First off, when you find yourself in a season of discontent, don’t lose faith. Allow yourself to be open and honest with God about your feelings. He knows them anyway. Yet don’t forget to acknowledge his faithfulness in all things. Acknowledge his power to do the incredible and his wisdom to know far more than we ever will.

Secondly, please pray for this family. Pray for healing, and the kind of work only the master physician can provide. Please continue to pray for them over the next few weeks. Mostly, hold those close to you a little tighter tonight. Let the people you care about know it! Never be afraid to tell someone you love them. If there is a friend that needs a phone call, make it. If there is a relationship that needs to be mended, mend it. Life is precious and can never be taken for granted. Neither should our friends or the ones we love.