I don’t often wax political in this blog. Matter of fact, I rarely due. But the events out of the United Nations yesterday were enough to make my red, white and blue! I just kept thinking “how dare they”. Most of us have probably seen the Underarmor ads that protest “We Must Protect This House“! Well friends, if it means we gotta buy Underarmor to do it, it’s time to go shopping! Am I mad? You bet I am.

In case you missed it, there were speeches given at the United Nations (in New York by the way) the past 2 days by 2 individuals that flat out hate this country. They hate our President and they would love nothing more than to see the USA destroyed. You can read more about it here, here and here. Yet, in some crazy way, they were given an open microphone and the floor. What followed next just filet’s me. Hugo Chavez stood at that podium, called our President “the devil” said “it still smells like sulfur in here” (indicating that the devil had just been there) and then made a crucifix on his chest and put his hands together as if to pray. Unbelievable.

There is not enough space on my blog provider for me to REALLY say how I feel about this. Bottom line, you don’t come into this country and put down our President (see also – The Dixie Chicks). In doing so, you put down the entire United States of America. Regardless of what side of the isle you are on, this should upset you. A similar thing happened to Jesus (I am in no way saying that George Bush is Jesus). Let’s see how he responded when the religious leaders accused him of getting his power from Satan.

“How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand” (Mark 3:23-25)

Folks, maybe it’s just me, but I believe we have to protect our “house”. We need to unite in this country like never before. We should not wait for another large scale event to stand shoulder to shoulder and sing “God Bless America”. We certainly cannot let people waltz into our “house” and call our President “The Devil”. As Jesus said, a house divided cannot stand. This is a time when we need to stand like never before. We don’t have to agree on policies, religion or taxes. We should agree that no one comes into our house and makes a mockery of our leadership.

Final thought. In a few months, OSU and Michigan will do battle again. As usual, people will get all fired up to take on that “team up north”. Michigan will be playing at “the shoe” this year. How well do you think it would go if at half-time, Lloyd Carr (Michigan Coach) stood on the 50 yard line and called Jim Tressel “the devil”. Anyone else think there would be “issues”. You bet.

We must protect this house.