“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson

In a very strange twist of fate, I had to make a call today on the high school of an individual that forever changed my life. With the events that have unfolded with our friend Brandi, it would seem almost cruel to be back in a small town that will forever remind me of two friends that were killed in an auto accident. Yet there I was, standing in the hallway of their high school, looking at their pictures on the “Wall of Fame”.

Hard to believe that September marked 15 years since that unforgettable day. It also marked 15 years of a lesson that I learned from one individuals passing. The lesson seems simple, but the impact is far reaching. What Ron Holmes life and death taught me as a senior in college is that you never know the impact that you can have on peoples lives. In his short time on this earth, he made an impact that still is remembered by all that came into contact with him. He left a legacy that will never be forgotten. Since that day, I have continued to ask myself “will I leave mine?”

As I was leaving the high school, I asked the Director of Facilities how long he had been in the school system. He said he had been there over 20 years. I asked if he remembered Ronnie and the look on his face said it all. Then he said what so many of us will also say “great kid, great family, he was a great kid”. As I got in my car, I couldn’t help but once again be amazed by Ronnie’s legacy. Even the Directory of Facilities remembered him and described him perfectly. I wondered to myself if they would remember me that way at my high school.

As I drove away from the school, I whispered a quick prayer of thanks. I believe there are no coincidences with God. It was not by chance that this took place today. With the events which are likely to unfold this week and the passing of another friend, I believe that God wanted me to focus on the word legacy. To remember the impact we have while we are here and the lives we can touch. Jackie Robinson said it best so many years ago.