At some point in our lives, we have probably all heard and tried to answer the following question: “if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?” I can’t tell you today that I have the answer, but it helps set up this post.

I have never quite understood the phrase “An Audience of One” as it relates to faith. Maybe I have tried to make it harder or bigger than it really is supposed to be. The other day, I think I finally got it. In my usual place of inspiration (cutting the grass), I was thinking about what this blog is for. Why do I do this? What causes me to put thoughts to the web for all to see? Who is this thing for? Just about that time, the song “Audience of One” by Big Daddy Weave came across the iPod. It all clicked. In that moment I was reminded why I do, not only this blog, but everything in my life.

Like the tree falling in the woods, it really doesn’t matter if anyone is around. There is only one person that needs to hear it, and He does. Blog posts, my job, my life, everything I do should bring honor and glory to one person. While I am thankful for every person that finds value in this site, I long to please and bring glory to Him. His “hits” can’t be tracked on my site, but they can be traced throughout my life.

So today, as you strive to find value in whatever it is that you do, remember there is one person front and center in your audience. He is actively watching, cheering and listening. He has placed you on that stage and is the proud parent smiling from ear to ear. He is your audience of one.