After playing “Mr. Mom” last weekend for 3 days straight, I had a new appreciation for the act of servanthood. Not my own servanthood, but rather that of my wife on a day in and day out basis. To really appreciate the selfless act of stay-at-home moms, one needs to just spend a day or two walking in their shoes.

In his book “The Life You’ve Always Wanted”, John Ortberg said that one of the best ways to enter into servanthood, is to involve yourself in the “Ministry of the Mundane”. He then used this (his translation) story from Matthew 19:13-14 as an example of such a ministry.

Jesus took the little child in his arms and said, in effect “Here’s your ministry. Give yourselves to those who can bring you no status or clout. Just help people. You need this little child. You need to help this little child, not just for her sake, but more for your sake. For if you don’t, your whole life will be thrown away on an idiotic contest to see who is the greatest. But if you serve her-often and well and cheerfully and out of the limelight-then the day may come when you do it without thinking, ‘What a wonderful thing I’ve done’. Then you will begin serving naturally, effortlessly, for the joy of it. Then you will begin to understand how life in the kingdom works.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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