My sister-in-law recently returned for a retreat where the speaker said something rather profound. He stated that, each of us needs 3 people in our life on a daily basis. We need a “Barnabas”, a “Paul” and a “Timothy”.

While I was not there to hear it, what I believe he was saying is that we all need someone that will lead us, someone that we will lead and someone to walk beside us. Since that day, I have been taking stock in those 3 areas. Is there someone in my life to help lead me on my spiritual journey? Is there someone that I am leading in theirs? Most importantly, are there people in my life to share the journey?

I believe that early on, I failed to surround myself with the power of these three. I didn’t lack someone to lead me, rather I lacked the desire to be led. I KNOW my life was not one which I would want someone to follow. Clearly, the counsel of a good friend on the journey would have guarded me against pitfalls and struggles. John Ortberg once said “I can only be loved to the extent which I am known”. In each of the three areas, I have had to learn to be open. Open to leading. Open to leading another. Open to freindship.

I thank God that I have found the “power of three”. I have had the absolute blessing of great people in my life. I would hope each one knows who they are. How about you? Do you have the power of three? Maybe today is the day to start.