This story comes directly from Joshua 3:14-17. When you read that passage, it doesn’t mean a whole lot, but when taken in context, there is huge meaning there for all of us.

After all of their frustration and restlessness, the Israelites are standing on the banks of the Jordan River and looking into the Promise land. There is one huge problem, the Jordan is at flood stage and they cannot cross it. Ever been there? Ever get so close to your dream that you can see it, but it’s just out of your grasp? Ever feel like God has left you there frustrated, disappointed, confused and tired? Been there, done that, gotten my feet wet! Well, there is hope. Let’s look closer.

In verse 16 we read that “the water from upstream stopped flowing”. We also read that it “piled up in a heap a great distance away”. I have heard that this was taking place just a few miles from where they were standing. Not that far, but far enough to not see what was happening. In other words, God was at work. He knew their disappointment. He heard their cries. He knew their frustration. To the Israelites, he was silent. We have the benefit of knowing that he wasn’t silent, he was just busy working upstream! We see in chapter 17 that the “whole nation crossed over on dry ground”.

I don’t know your current struggle, battle, frustration, or temptation, but this story gives us great hope. The next time you reach a point where you feel that God has gone silent and your prayers are not being heard, remember that He has NOT gone silent. He is just busy upstream!