My alma mater recently held it’s homecoming activities of which I did not attend. As I drove past many a cow and cornfield today, I got to thinking about my “gang” today versus the crowd I ran with in college. Wow…much has changed.

I couldn’t help but think how my circle of influence these days includes several pastors (Denny, Clay, Tom, Brad, Joel and Joe) whom I consider some of my closest friends. I value their opinions, guidance, teaching, and sharing of the journey of life. Although they are from different churches, we share a common passion and vision for ministry.

I found this so funny today because I did my best in college to either avoid, or annoy anyone majoring in religion. God has a wonderful sense of humor doesn’t he?

Then the faces of the other people that God has brought into my life over the last few years ran through my mind. The faces make up my “band of brothers” and their input, influence and meaning in my life cannot be put to words. All of these men are the “filter” with which I run decisions I make. It’s in this circle that I know I will find honesty. Although it’s sometimes painful, I know their heart and they know mine.

The danger of reflecting is that it has a way of dragging us back to times and places we would rather forget. Yet, I found myself ending this thought process by thanking God for the people I now have in my life. It is through their leadership, friendship and guidance that I can live a life of growth and refinement. You’re my “gang”, my mentors, my brothers and most of all, my friends.

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love” (Romans 12:10)