Amazing how a days worth of big plans can be changed in a matter of seconds. After finishing my portion of a conference call today, I heard that cry that every parent fears. The one that finds that parental adrenaline button and pushes “on”.

My son didn’t have school today, so we had a house full of little people running, screaming, jumping and making hearing a conference call in your office next to impossible. Yet this noise was different. It needed investigation. I came out of my office to find my wife and 6 year old son under a faucet of running cold water. My wife was saying “were you playing with a saw?” My son was screaming “it’s very bad, it’s very bad!”

Luckily, it was NOT a saw, but my son was correct when he said it was very bad. Long story short, his friend turned the treadmill on and hit the top speed while my son was on it. Still not sure of the logistics, but believe me when I say, the damage to his finger was brutal. When the doctor forced me to look at it so he could explain what he saw, I literally almost passed out and had to sit down.

Now for the praise. With some of the things that were being discussed (days in the hospital, multiple surgeries and skin grafts), we walked out of Children’s Hospital ER with 8 stitches and one brave child. I have the utmost respect for my little man. He was more brave than I would have been and spent most of the day more concerned about what was coming up next on Disney Channel in the room we were in. Recovery will take a few weeks, but that kid is a champ.

Thank you to all of you that prayed, called, stopped by, offered dinners and babysitting. It doesn’t take a crisis to make us realize the incredible community of people God has placed us in. We are counting our blessings tonight and thankful that our little guy is going to be alright.

PS – The thumbnail image is from Google and not his actual x-ray. Just in case you thought I was completely weird.