With the events of Friday and my sons accident still ringing in my head, I couldn’t help but be moved today by an “oldie but a goodie”. How many times have we heard or read John 3:16 in our lives? We have seen the signs at sporting events, recited it 100 times and teach it to our children. “For God so loved the world that he sent his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. That’s when it happened. Another one of those moments that more than likely left a red mark on my forehead where someone was tapping me saying “do you get it now”.

Seeing my son suffering and in pain on Friday was probably one of my toughest “Daddy moments” to date. Now we have the duty of recovery and it’s not much easier. As I was driving to the store on Sunday morning, a familiar song came across the radio. The artist was singing the words to John 3:16. I couldn’t help but think that God was saying “I’ve been there”. While it was comforting to know that God too has seen his son in pain, as I thought deeper, I realized that it was for me.

All of the parents out there know that feeling I am referring to. The one that just sits in your stomach as your children are in pain. It hurts us as much emotionally as it hurts them physically. Now think about the fact that “God so loved”, that he would go through watching much worse, feeling much worse and putting “his only son” through much worse for our sin. Ever feel alone? Ever feel like no one cares? Ever wonder if God thinks about your struggles, your pain or your situation? You can bet that I will never look at John 3:16 the same way again.