“Nothing’s fine I’m torn…” -Natalie Imbruglia

If you were anywhere near ESPN at 9:00pm this evening, and follow this blog at all, you know I’m about to brag on Carolina beating THE Ohio State University in college hoops. I know, I know…OSU didn’t have Greg Oden. Don’t worry, ESPN pointed that out several thousand times.

I will admit that I am willing to cheer for Ohio State any other night. Matter of fact, I will cheer for them all the way to Atlanta.  But when it comes to UNC vs. OSU let there be no doubt who I’m cheering for ( Hint –  it’s not OSU). UNC took game one. I won’t be surprised if they meet again in early April. By then OSU will have Oden. To that possibility I say….BRING IT!

It’s a nice problem though to be torn between cheering for the two best teams in the country all winter.  See ya in April OSU.